Hello and welcome to our YUMMY site, AmericanCookingRecipes.com! We know that you can go to any number of recipe and cooking websites, so we’re very glad you’re here! Who knows WHAT you’re going to find here at our site! I love sharing cooking tips though. So, let me get things rolling with something that I’ve done for many, many years.

When I was a little girl, one of the best recipe tips I ever heard was from my paternal grandma who make the tastiest apple pie. I asked for her secret, and she said that first, she used the sour apples from her backyard tree. Then, second, she put sour cream in the mix! I had never heard such a thing before in my life! To this day, I use sour cream (Daisy brand only, since it has no junk in it) in all my baked apple recipes.

And, everyone who has my apples says the same thing, “These are the YUMMIEST apples ever!” The other secret? I, too, use my own apples from my trees in the yard. They don’t “look” awesome because they aren’t sprayed or treated, so they have spots, dents, and other “imperfections,” but they are delicious!

So, try sour cream in your baked apple desserts, and see if it doesn’t add a certain flavor that will have everyone wanting seconds! Enjoy!